transitional kitchen

Transitional Kitchen

A transitional kitchen is a term that is made up of word transition and kitchen. Transitional is a word that means being in phase between two stages. While a kitchenette is a place at home where you cook the food, the whole term of Transitional Kitchen refers to the combination of traditional and contemporary design. This means that there is a custom kitchen that combines the traits of a classic kitchen with that of a modern kitchen.

When the combination is done the right way, it results in a masterpiece. To create the best one, surely a person needs some help. Here are some of the tips to create the perfect look for your kitchen.

Simplicity with Sleekness:

The cabinet is the most prominent part of the kitchen because of its uniform and more massive body. So, making them low profile is the best option for people looking towards Transitional Kitchen.

Keeping a cabinet design with a shaker style door or without any carvings is the best choice to combine it with another part of the kitchen. Coming towards the hardware of the kitchen, it should be as minimal as it could be.

Combining the modesty and minimalistic design of hardware with that of the simple and plain cabinet is the perfect look for a classic kitchen.

The neutral color and Textures Elements:

Keeping the colors neutral and most sophisticated will give you a monochromatic look. There is usually white, grey, or beiges for the most custom kitchen color combinations.

The classic kitchen look does not involve the concept that there should not be any color. Going for a whiter cabinet with a darker countertop will make the perfect transitional kitchen look for you.

Or you can go for the grey color cabinet with that of lighter granite color countertop to get the perfect look for the kitchen.

Texture in a Transitional Kitchen:

The texture is the best blender when it comes to Transitional Kitchen. Creating texture with the stones and marbles is the perfect fit. Using the creativity inside yourself, you can create the look you want for the kitchen with the help of stones and marbles. The texture blends the color and design with the whole format of the kitchen.

Furthermore, adding sleek quarts or a honed granite for the top can be an extension to the texture.

Sinks and Faucets:

Brushed finish Steel is the perfect element to provide the look you need for your custom kitchen. Steel goes well with the classic kitchen look and also with the modern kitchen look. The combination of both looks might need a steel finish for the Sinks and Faucets.

Flooring and Lighting:

Flooring and lighting are the main elements of a transitional kitchen. The combination of wood or tile floor with that of light lighting is the best one. There are other styles for the kitchen that include ceramic, stone, and porcelain.

Coming towards the lighting of the kitchen, designers recommend the variety of lights in a kitchen. The dimmer ones and traditional switches give a perfect look to the kitchen or go for the recessed lights with pendant switches.

People usually forget the under cabinet lighting and interior cabinet lighting. But this is the central part of a perfect look. Designers recommend the motion censored and keypads for the interior lighting and under-cabinet lighting. Still, if the budget is low, you can surely go for the classic kitchen look involving dim under lights.

Transitional Kitchen – A balance between Old and New:

Transitional kitchen means the perfect blend of both the new and the old or the traditional and the modern.  The purpose of the transitional kitchen is to provide the style that suits the space flow of rooms and other places of the home.

The best part of the custom kitchen is that you can do what you want to do. Above all, it has no limitations and no boundaries. The combination of old and new is a choice that varies between people. What you want is the central question here.

On the traditional style, is it the warm and honey feel from the mute’s color combination you are looking for? Or is it the patterns and design included on the molding or cabinet door carving?

On the contemporary side, is it the minimalistic style and sleek decoration you are looking for, or is it the classic kitchen look involving dark wood cabinet with fresh lights on countertops. Or is it the combination of both with stainless steel brushed finish in the kitchen?

The transformation ideas are solely dependent on the person. The perfect balance is, therefore, what attracts people. Contact us for more information.