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What to focus on buying Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the focus of the house, and its cabinets are as important as a wardrobe in the bedroom. However, buying a kitchen cabinet can be tricky for some people, but with the right tips and tricks, one can make his/her kitchen stylish and appealing. There are millions of kitchen cabinet designs, sizes, laminates and ready to assemble cabinets available in the market. However, what you should focus on while buying cabinets for your kitchen? Let us have a look at them but if your still confused, you can always drop by an speak to our cabinet maker. 

Focus your Budget

Consideration of the budget is essential in all kinds of purchases. There are three cabinet types: custom, semi-custom, and stock. If you have an expensive budget, then go for custom cabinets in which you can include all the favorite features you like. Semi-custom cabinets offer you styling options and configurations, which precisely fit your kitchen. Whereas stock cabinets are mostly pre-assembled, whereas some store like Ikea sells a version that needs to assemble. It is all about your choice and what suits to your budget.

Frames of the Cabinet

There are two main types of cabinets that cabinet maker make, i.e. face-frame and frameless cabinet. A face-frame cabinet, the ¾- or 1/2 –inch particleboard or plywood front edges of the box of the cabinet are masked with a frame, which is made from ½ hardwood. The frame in such cabinet rigidity to the cabinet and it provide a strong base for attaching the hinges. However, face-frame cabinets have one disadvantage of narrowing the sides of the opening, which is utilized by cabinets.

Frameless cabinets, on the other hand, have both sides of panels finished, which are edged with a narrow strip and simplelaminate banding. The holes are 32mm increments vertically on each side panelof the cabinet. Cabinet joinery fittings, shelf pins, other hardware, anddrawer slides are joined to these holes, which provide versatility andadaptability. Now it is your choice what suits you the best.

Focus upon the Features

Sometimes cabinets design not cover all of your needs. You do not need to worry about that because you can ask your cabinet maker to include the particular types of feature that you like. Only 20% or more than 20% additional cost can include features like pullout trash, a lift cabinet with a shelf, which is spring-loaded that swings out and up and built-in charging station can offer easy access to your stand mixer, food processor and for throwing trash. So, it all depends upon your needs

Inspect the Cabinets

The inspection of the construction is very importantwhether it is related to house or kitchen cabinets. In case you are makingcustom or semi-custom cabinets then you have to inspect the material, design,doors, woods, and boards that your cabinet maker is using while constructing. If you are buying for stock cabinets then look forwell-built cabinets having solid drawers with dovetail joinery and not thestapled particleboard: full-extension drawers are guided rather than havingintegrated rail and their doors are made up of solid wood frames surroundingthe plywood or solid wood panel instead of medium density fiberboard orveneered particle board panel.

Consider revitalizing your old Cabinets

If your current kitchen cabinets are square, sturdy and plum consider for refinishing and repainting. To do it rightly, remove all the drawers and doors of cabinets, clean them with a sandpaper, degreasing agent, and apply primer and coats of paint upon it. You can also reface your cabinets. Remove the doors and drawers, apply new veneers to the end, and face frames. In addition, old cabinets can be made easy to use by adding lazy Susans, shelves and other types of inexpensive upgrades. Do not forget to install good LED task lights under cabinets. Unbelievably, LED lights will change the whole look of your kitchen.