Custom Kitchen in a small kitchen with modern design

Custom Kitchen

Which part or space of home do most people consider important? The first thing that pops in your mind is the kitchen. Well, it is true. Kitchen is something where house owners love to explore and want it to be perfect. A custom kitchen will add value to your house.

There are many varieties of a kitchen in the market, but what if anyone wants a custom kitchen? There are many reasons why some of the house owners don’t like the semi-custom kitchen. They may have a specific or unique design that is not available or is limited in the market.

When going for a custom kitchen, remember, you should have a plan in your mind. First, you need to think of the design you want to build.  Don’t look for the planning tools early. Once you have made up your mind and then look for the tools that are required for your kitchen. They may be available at large home design and improvement retailers.

Furthermore, the custom kitchen can be expensive, so make sure that the budget is in control. To avoid this kind of situation, cut off the extra glazing, laying out or specific storage areas.

Here are some ideas for specific types of kitchens that you want to design your own:


The problem with a small kitchen is that you need to plan and coordinate very carefully because space is limited. If you maximize the spare area, or add some extra cabinets or organizing things that are not necessary, you would make your kitchen a disaster. Before, you would think of the design, make sure how you use the kitchen and what the things that you often use. That’s how you can work with your limited space. Moreover, keep it simple and keep your workspace tidy.


If you have a modern kitchen, then modern cabinets are a must. There are many ideas for modern kitchen cabinets. Here are some of it:

  1. If you want your kitchen to stand out and be different, try going for modern black kitchen cabinets. Just skip the hardware idea and use black for a streamlined body for your kitchen. 
  2. Ceiling-height cabinets can give modern kitchen vibes. When there is no space between the walls and cabinets, it can give a more smooth running feeling. Make sure you chose a soft colour for the cabinets
  3.  If you want a little bit of modern mashup and glam, then you can go for a marble kitchen along with wooden cabinets. It would spice up your kitchen texture.


To spice up your kitchen and give a streamlined look, you can go for a variety of decorations, cabinets, colour combination and much more. These are some design ideas that go beyond ordinary plain cabinets. Whether you want a traditional look or modern spice, these designs will surely help you to set up your kitchen cabinets.

  1. A classic white kitchen can be dull, but adding more specific and hidden details to the cabinet can make it more stylish and beautiful such as you can add a diamond-shaped pattern to your cabinets.
  2. Adding grey coloured cabinets can make your kitchen interesting. As it is a contrast between white and black colour, it can give the modern kitchen looks.
  3. Metallic cabinets make your kitchen interiors look more visible and special. You can brush a tint of gold metallic colour on your cabinets but make sure it is not too flashy.
  4. Locked glass cabinets make your kitchen look clean and organized. Also, it will ensure that your important stuff is safe in it.

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